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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Tired of feeling like a fraud?  Worried you will one day be 'found out'?

Red Arbre hosts Imposter Syndrome group sessions and is also available for speaking engagements for organisations and their employees on how to overcome Imposter Syndrome. 

We know that Imposter Syndrome can make people feel anxious and alone at work, but there are effective strategies and practical exercises that can help to make things better.  


In our intensive seminars and group sessions, participants increase their understanding of Imposter Syndrome and then learn some key strategies and tools to begin to overcome it and start to feel more in control.

What have attendees at past Red Arbre seminars said?

“I highly recommend this excellent session!"

"The format gave me a rare space to really focus on myself and understand my imposter feelings - I couldn't stop writing!"

"Some elements have clearly improved just by attending your seminar."


"Time flew by - definitely the sign of a great workshop! It was full of practical tips and tools for me to use. I would highly recommend this to everybody."


"I just wanted to say, your stuff really works, and I wanted you to know it, and to say thank you so much!"


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