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Red Arbre

Career coaching for professionals

Welcome to Red Arbre

We believe that happiness at work matters. 

If you are unhappy at work or if you are experiencing Imposter Syndrome, some support from an expert career coach at Red Arbre could be exactly what you need. 


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“I felt I could explore absolutely anything.”


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About us

About us

Red Arbre believes that enjoying your work, and harnessing your talents, matters. It helps you to make the most out of life.


We specialise in helping workers to feel happier at work and to overcome Imposter Syndrome.  We know that having space to think things through and a structure to move things forward can make the world of difference when things are 'not quite right'.  
Whether you are an organisation who recognises how key having satisfied employees is to your success, or whether you are an individual looking to make things better at work, our personalised and expert coaching service aims to give you the support you need.

'Arbre’ is French for ‘tree’ and the name Red Arbre is inspired by Shaun Tan’s incredible book The Red Tree.  The book is a reminder of how there is always a way forward, even if things feel overwhelming or look bleak. 

Who we work with

Who we work with


We have been fortunate in working with lawyers, management consultants and finance specialists, as well as UN personnel, healthcare professionals, and many more. 
We also work side by side with employers, helping their workers to feel happier at work. 
We know these things are not always easy, and we are here to help you work through it.

What we do

How we work

What we do

We understand that everyone is different.  We tailor coaching sessions, workshops and talks to your needs.  

If you are an organisation or employer looking for tailored support for your workers or a particular group of workers, we take the time to discuss what would work best for you.

For individuals wanting help that is committed solely to your individual growth and development needs, our coaching sessions aim to meet you where you are. 

Sessions can focus on any of our main themes and they can include other areas which are particularly important for you:


  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

  • Changing career direction

  • Being happier at work

How we work

Group sessions

For our corporate clients we offer talks, seminars, and workshops tailored to your needs. 

One-to-one coaching

For individuals wanting coaching sessions, your coach will work with you using a combination of questioning techniques and exploration exercises.  This can involve, for example, crafting goals, thinking through obstacles, forming action plans, fixing timelines, and creating space for regular reviews and follow ups – all to support you in moving forward.   We just ask that you set aside the time for yourself.

“I have moved forward quicker than I could ever have imagined”   (Entrepreneur)

About your coach

About your coach

  Miss Nazish Bhaiwala,

  Red Arbre founder and career coach​

  • Former employment lawyer at top tier city firm

  • Qualified professional coach and accredited workplace mediator (with Coaching Academy and ADRg)

  • Articles featured in The Lawyer magazine

  • Focus areas: career change and Imposter Syndrome

  • Background in languages (University of Oxford) and international and national NGOs (conflict resolution, access to justice, social entrepreneurship)

“Nazish is a delight to work with – energizing, committed, thoughtful and perceptive, and business minded.” (Lawyer)

Nazish has gathered a wealth of experience in dealing with workplace issues while working as an employment lawyer in the city and training as a workplace mediator. 
Wanting to find her ideal job, Nazish undertook a successful career change in 2010 and experienced first-hand how it can be done.  She now proudly runs a successful private coaching practice while also working in the not-for profit and social enterprise sectors.

Imposter Syndrome: In 2018 Nazish carried out a series of interviews of female international human rights lawyers from all over the world about their experiences of Imposter Syndrome. Combining this global scale learning with her own coaching experience means she has an in-depth and unique understanding of Imposter Syndrome and the coaching tools and strategies that can help to overcome it.  She regularly delivers talks, seminars and workshops on the topic.

Nazish combines a genuine fascination with happiness at work and a passion for coaching techniques, together with a unique blend of corporate and not-for-profit insight.   




Seminars, talks and workshops

We have had the privilege of delivering group sessions on overcoming Imposter Syndrome for a wide variety of organisations, including Cambridge University Press, UK & Ireland SAP User Group, One NHS Finance, Quorum Initiative, WorkLife Central (formerly Cityparents) and The Pensions Ombudsman.  


Some of the feedback received:

“The information you shared can change people's truly make a difference!” 

“Content was clear and trainer was excellent at presenting a sensitive emotional topic.”


“Nazish is a true expert on imposter syndrome.  I'd highly recommend Nazish as a speaker and trainer.” 

“Thank you that was really helpful, interesting and explained beautifully.”

“I very much enjoyed Nazish's approach – it was clear, informative and very engaging. Many thanks.”

“Nazish was a great presenter, well-articulated and really managed to squeeze a lot of very interesting concepts in a very short time!”


“Nazish's session on Imposter Syndrome was both invaluable and impactful. By helping attendees identify Imposter Syndrome, understand its prevalence and then learn steps that can be taken to reduce its impact, Nazish's presentation was a career-changer!”

“Really insightful and engaging webinar. I took a lot from it.”

“Excellent facilitation by Nazish Bhaiwala”

“I really felt this was a good use of time.”

“Excellent session”

"Some elements have clearly improved just by attending your seminar." 

"I just wanted to say, your stuff really works, and I wanted you to know it, and to say thank you so much!" 

One-to-one coaching

“Nazish is very personable and exudes calm confidence which creates an open and trusting backdrop to the coaching sessions.  I would hire her again without hesitation.” (Lawyer)
“Nazish takes time to build trust, rapport and understanding.  She is not afraid to ask the difficult questions – the ones that really stretch and force you to the core of exceptional performance.  For anyone serious about their career, I would recommend working with a coach.  Further, for anyone serious about excelling in their career and realising peak performance, I would strongly recommend working with Nazish.”  (Management consultant)
“I had been procrastinating about applying for a new job for several months.  Within a week of my first coaching session I had updated my CV, and a week after that I had my first interview.  The coaching gave me the impetus to apply for a new job.  Nazish was an excellent coach and I do not believe I would have done any of this without her coaching.” (Investment banker)
“Coaching made me see things clearly, appreciate what I have and work on what I need.  It taught me to organise my thoughts, prioritise, and work in a structured manner.  Life has been in control since, and I highly recommend coaching to everyone and my wonderful coach Nazish who helped me through it.” (Health professional)
“Throughout coaching sessions with Nazish I have felt understood and comfortable; she has pushed me to achieve more, while still respecting my boundaries.  I am now very confident in where I am going and how to get there.” (Entrepreneur)

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